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ALS videos

Thousands of #IceBucketChallenge videos have been posted online and too many break the basic rules of video production that I teach my students. Here are a few examples of videos that live up to the standards that this disease deserves. You can read about my personal connection to ALS and see my video here:

Tom Foreman, CNN

Dai Baker, ITN Photojournalist

Eric and Emlyn Ice Bucket Challenge from dai baker on Vimeo.

Bill Gates

#ALSicebucket Haters… watch this

Alexander S. Glass – ViewFinder ’14

A #IceBucketChallenge from Alexander Glass on Vimeo.

Josh Davidsburg, UMD Lecturer

Ice Bucket Challenge from Josh Davidsburg on Vimeo.

And the #IceBucketChallenge has made it international

More links and analysis

But hold on… this says “73% of donations are not used for ALS research.”

ALS response:

Snopes analysis:

“Three Unexpected Lessons from #IceBucketChallenge”!bOFK4i

More on Pete Frates, from ESPN:

Ted Talk: Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong –

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